Aromama 100% Myrtle essential oil


Fresh, bright and verdant green 100% Myrtle essential oil is extracted from leaves and twigs of evergreen myrtle bushes which have fine white flowers and dark, tiny berries and grow in Corsica and North Africa.

In olden days brides and knights were adorned with this plant, since myrtle symbolizes purity and immortality.

In some cultures, myrtle is considered to be an aphrodisiac (to cause an increase of sexual desire, passion). One of the most interesting properties of myrtle essential oil is that by acting positively on human brain it helps to stop various addictions, bad habits.

If a person voluntarily tries to change their character or lifestyle, myrtle essential oil can help with the process. People who practice meditation appreciate the positive effect of myrtle scent as it helps to concentrate.

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How to use 100% Myrtle essential oil:
Diffuse myrtle essential oil if you feel like catching a cold, virus or have a bit of cough. During the day it is safe to diffuse 6 to 8 drops of oil, at night–3 to 4. This will help to clean the air from bacteria and viruses. Inhale cool, moist mist that comes out of the diffuser. It will ease the cough, will reduce nasal congestion if you have sinusitis. By diffusing myrtle oil several days in a row, it will give a notice able effect on the sinuses: mucus will get removed faster from nose “pockets”.
Give your home extra freshness and cleanliness! Add 10 drops of 100% Myrtle essential oil to the bucket of water, dip the cloth or a mop into the bucket and clean your furniture surfaces and floors! The essential oil will not only prevent the spread of infection and growth of bacteria but also provide a pleasant scent at home. In case of fleas, moths, wasps diffuse myrtle essential oil, clean a household with it and apply few drops on carpets, and other textile of your home. Parasites and pests do not like the smell of myrtle.
When coughing, suffering from bronchitis or other respiratory diseases, rub the chest and back with diluted myrtle essential oil. Add 3 to 4 drops of myrtle oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as sweet almond) and rub the chest and back twice a day. It is suitable for children from 2 years of age and the whole family. A gentle reminder–do not use oily products in case of fever.
Rub feet soles with a drop of pure, undiluted myrtle essential oil–this type of procedure stimulates immune system. Repeat it twice a day.
During epidemic period, prevention of colds, apply a drop of myrtle oil on scarf or sweater/t-shirt on a shoulder line before going out to gatherings. Essential oil will evaporate using the body heat and it will protect from viruses and bacteria. Suitable for babies over 12 months old and the whole family. Throat pain or discomfort after a dental procedure can be relieved with a natural mouthwash/rinse: add 3 to5 drops of myrtle essential oil to a teaspoon of table salt, and pour it to a glass of warm water.
Mix well and rinse several times a day. The procedure is suitable for adults and older children who can consciously rinse and spit out. It is great to treat stomatitis!
100% Myrtle essential oil is wonderful in sauna! Pour warm water to a tin or a heat resistant bowl, add 25to 30 drops of essential oil, and place it in the warmest corner of sauna. You will love the aroma, and it will also pamper your airways. We recommend trying a duo of myrtle and eucalyptus radiata or myrtle and tea tree essential oils.
Myrtle essential oil is a great remedy for oily skin with enlarged pores and blackheads. Quite often cleansing skin care products contain myrtle oil. If you want to enrich your cosmetics with it, add a drop of pure myrtle essential oil with a chosen product at the time of use. Wash your face or body skin with a facial cleanser or shower gel with added drops of myrtle oil. You can also add a drop of oil to the face cream or oil. We recommend adding essential oils only at the time of use alongside e.g. shower gel on your palm because when essential oils are added to the container of a product, they will change the consistency in a long run.
A drop of myrtle oil on a hair shampoo can help to get rid of dandruffs, reduce hair oiliness and make them shiny!
The scent of myrtle essential oil masks well the natural body smell to repel unwanted mosquitoes and ticks. During warm season, add droplets of PURE myrtle essential oil on top of the outwear, scarfs, hats, cuffs. 100% Myrtle essential oil will evaporate from the body heat and protect from unwanted insects.
If you feel that you are catching a cold, have a runny nose, a cough–prepare yourself a warming aromatherapeutic bath with myrtle essential oil. Do not take bath if you have high temperature!
Baths with 100% Myrtle essential oil are suitable for children over 2 years of age.
Please note that essential oils are insoluble in water, so it is necessary to dilute them before dripping into the bath. Add a required amount of essential oil to a teaspoon of carrier oil or a ½ glass of milk and pour the mixture into the bath.
100% Rosemary essential oil drops by age:
2 to 3 year old children 2to3 drops
3 to 7 year old children 3to4 drops
7to12yearold children 4to5 drops
12+ teenagers and adults 5to8 drops.
5 ml