Aromama Tanning oil Sun Kissed


An amazingly scented Aromama Tanning Oil Sun Kissed is rich blend of oils will help you to get a beautiful and even tan, and mineral glitter will adorn you with its magical, eye-catching shine! The blend contains sea buckthorn oil and carrot seed extract, so it will instantly give your skin a brownish tint.

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The valuable baobab oil will provide a velvety softness and the scent will inspire you for your holiday fun! Enjoy every minute and do not forget that today YOU are a sun-kissed Diva.

How to use it Aromama Tanning Oil:

shake the bottle to distribute the glitter evenly, dispense a small amount of the oil blendand massage into clean, dry body skin before sunbathing.

Warning! This product does not protect from sunlight. Enjoy the sun safely and responsibly. Product can slightly stain light clothes, so we recommend washing it off before dressing up.

Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.

50 ml