CND Vinylux Glitter Sneakers


CND Vinylux Glitter Sneakers – perfect festive colour that will make a statement!

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CND Vinylux Glitter Sneakers is designed to give you a professional finish at home.

This long-wear polish formula is infused with Vitamin E, Keratin and Jojoba Oil to condition and strengthen the nails, creating a healthy base for smooth colour application. Lasting for up to 7 days, the polish helps to minimise the drying and damaging effects associated with regular nail polish wear. This resilient, chip-resistant formula will become your new go-to polish for healthy nails and high-shine colour.

How to use CND Vinylux Glitter Sneakers:

Shake vigorously to blend. Apply two thin layers of colour, sealing the free (tip) edge. Finish with one layer of CND Top Coat.
Apply CND Solar Oil to keep skin and nails nourished and protected.

15 ml