Essential oil blend Angel of Health


Essential oil blend Angel of Health will wrap you in a magical fragrant shield when the flu season is kicking around and will help you to stay healthy all year long! The amazing blend, where citrus notes emit first and are followed by chords of medicinal herbs with delicate conifers. It will definitely please even the most sophisticated, smallest and most sensitive aromatherapy practitioners. Essential oils have strong antibacterial properties! They also have an effect on respiratory system, purifies air from pathogens, and last but not the least, they awaken the immune system. The blend is a perfect helper during the cold season! After all, it is not stylish to get sick, is it?!

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How to use Essential oil blend Angel of Health:
it was primarily created as drops on clothing (shoulder line), as an angel that guards and protects against foreign bacteria and viruses. During cold season, for prevention of flu’s and colds, before going outside, apply drops of blend on outer layer of clothing (shoulder line), on a scarf or soft toy, that your child loves an takes it with her/him everywhere. Essential oils will evaporate using the body heat and will protect from foreign bacteria and viruses. The blend itself does not leave any stains or marks and does not have any effect on fabric material and colour. The scent is gentle enough not to irritate those with sensitive respiratory system.
For small babies, add drops of Angel of Health on the fabric part of a stroller, car seat, a toy or a muslin cloth.
If your baby has a congested nose and has difficulty breathing, apply ONE drop of Essential oil blend Angel of Health on a pillow (on the edge where there is no skin contact) or a bed sheet. Essential oils will evaporate and will help to clean and ease the airways.
If you have a feeling that your baby is on the edge of catching a cold, or already have one, diffuse the blend in a electric essential oil diffuser. Essential oils purify the air, ease breathing and stop infection from spreading indoors to other family members. Add 6 to 8 drops of the blend to diffuser during the day, 3 to 4 drops at night. Note that strong and intensive scents can disturb a restful sleep.
If you do not have an electric diffuser, you can easily make a spray out of it! In a dark glass bottle add 100mlof water and 40 to 50 drops of Angel of Health essential oil blend, screw on the nozzle, vigorously shake the bottle, and spray as needed! Remember, essential oils are insoluble in water, so shake each time before using the spray!
First aid after catching a flu: rub the feet soles with PURE, undiluted Essential oil blend Angel of Health. It will take few minutes for the essential oils to get into the body and stimulate immune system and help to recover faster. We recommend repeating the procedure 2to3 times a day.
Aromatherapy bath with the Essential oil blend Angel of Health will pleasantly warm you up, will open the airways and congested nose, will improve expectoration and will stimulate the body’s natural protective system, so when you have a cold (but not fever) have a warming bath: essential oils in the bath work in two ways: through the nose and skin.
Attention! Never drip PURE essential oils directly to the bath. Add the required number of essential oils to a teaspoon of sweet almond oil and pour the mixture into the bath. Bath for at least 7to10 minutes to allow essential oils to enter the body.
Drops by age:
6to 12 months babies1to3 drops
12to36 months babies 2to4 drops
3to7 year old children 3to 5 drops
7 to 14 year old children 4to6 drops
12+ teenagers and adults 6to10 drops.
EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep out of reach of children!
5 ml