Aromama Essential Oil Blend Citrus Spree


Essential Oil Blend Citrus Spree – Synergy of pink grapefruit, Sicilian bergamot, Japanese May Chang, sweet orange and organic lime essential oils for citrus scent lovers. It is hard to find someone who would not enjoy fresh, sunny and energy-sparkling citrus scent! Diffuse the synergy of essential oils Citrus Spree in electric diffuser; it will not only give an amazing scent to your home but will also clean the air.

Prepare aromatherapy baths or prepare toning and skin firming massage oil–this essential oil blend is an excellent choice!

Aromatherapists compare citrus essential oils to the Sun: bright and warm citrus energy brings good mood at home, helps to start a new day full of energy, and prevents sadness on dark, long autumn and winter evenings. The blend of essential oils Citrus Spree is suitable to use around babies from 6 months old and the whole family. Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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How to use Essential Oil Blend Citrus Spree:
Diffuse 6to8 drops of the blend in electric essential oil diffuser (it is suitable to use only during the day). Citrus scents gently stimulate, so it is suitable to diffuse it while studying or doing any brainwork, as well as driving long distances (add few drops on the car essential oil diffuser).
Give your home a unique scent and extra cleanliness! Add 6 to 10 drops of blend to the bucket of water, dip the mop or a cloth and clean floors, furniture and so on! It is especially suitable if you have crawling babies!
Prepare an aromatherapy bath: add 4 to 5 drops of the essential oil blend to a half glass of milk or a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as sweet almond), and pour the mixture into the bath. Take a bath for10 to 15 minutes and enjoy the fragrance therapy, which will give feeling of lightness and radiant skin! Not suitable for young children and people with sensitive skin.
If you are taking a shower instead of a bath, add few drops of Essential Oil Blend Citrus Spree to the odourless shower gel or liquid soap and enjoy funny, citrus-scented shower!
Add a drop of the essential oil blend to the shampoo or conditioner–and you will enjoy extremely shiny hair!
Prepare the massage oil with a wonderful scent, which is toning and firming the skin: 50ml of carrier oil (sweet almond or camellia) + 10 drops of the blend Citrus Spree. Massage into damp skin twice a day.
Make you own citrus-scented soap! Add 20 drops of Citrus Spree essential oil blend into 200mlunscented liquid soap, shake well to make sure soap and oil are mixed well and enjoy!
You can also drip Citrus Spree into the odourless body lotion or cream–you will have cosmetics that brighten and tighten the skin. Just keep in mind that citrus increases sensitivity to UV rays, so if you plan using lotion with it, do not sunbath or use sun protective cream, as you can cause a phototoxic skin reaction.
Make your own indoor air freshener! Add 100ml of water 40to50 drops of the essential oil blend Citrus Spree to a dark glass bottle. Shake and spray indoor air as needed. Make sure to shake the bottle each time before spraying, as essential oils are insoluble in water. EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep out of reach of children.