Essential oil blend Mr. Sleep


Essential oil blend Mr. Sleep is light, but rich, full of goodness pure essential oil synergy that will help to bring the sweetest dreams to your baby’s bedroom!

Mr. Sleep works in two different ways: lavender and marjoram leaf essential oils soothe and relax, improve the sleep, while pine and rosaline essential oils give a balance to nervous system and emotions, ease breathing, and cleans the air!

Suitable to use from birth. Use it for daily bedtime rituals or temporary when a baby/kid has growth spurts, teething, fatigue or stress.

Thanks to antibacterial, air-purifying rosaline and pine essential oils, you can use Mr. Sleep when your baby has a cold, or develops a runny nose: the blend cleanses air from pathogenic microflora and helps with blocked little noses.

Little tip, from mum to mum: tell older children that Mr. Sleep contains magical sleep dusts that will bring a child to the colourful dreams. For those who are afraid to sleep alone, say that Mr. Sleep will scare all the monsters away! After these spells, children will definitely have a wonderful and peaceful sleep.

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How to use Essential oil blend Mr. Sleep:
Use it in essential oil diffuser. Essential oils purify the air and give a pleasant mist. During the day, add 6to8 drops of essential oil into diffuser;3to4 drops to use at night. Gentle mist does not interfere with sleep, while essential oils do their job by easing breath, and blocked nose.
Feel free to apply 1 drop of Mr. Sleep directly on the pillow, bed protector or a soft toy. During the night, essential oils will slowly evaporate and will soothe and balance stress levels, ease baby's breathing. This type of practice is particularly suitable when a baby has a blocked nose.
Apply 1 drop of Mr. Sleep on each shoulder, on clothes. Essential oils will release their goodness using the body heat, and it will protect your baby from bugs, and maintain their emotional wellbeing. Make sure the drops of essential oil are on thicker part of fabric, so that essential oils would not come into direct contact with skin.
Rub a drop on each foot of Essential oil blend Mr. Sleep(undiluted). Feet are the only place in the body where it is safe to use pure essential oils.
You can easily make relaxing massage oil. Blend 50ml of natural oil such as sweet almond, and10to12 drops of blend Essential oil blend Mr. Sleep. Massage into slightly damp skin immediately after bath.
When cleaning your home, feel free to add few drops of oil to a water bucket, wipe all the surfaces with a cloth soaked in water and refresh your home with a lovely scent and extra cleanliness.
Make your own spray: in a dark glass bottle add 100ml of water and 45to 50 drops of oil blend Mr. Sleep, screw on the nozzle, vigorously shake the bottle, and spray as needed!
EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Keep out of reach of children.
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