Hush & Hush Plant Your Day

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Hush & Hush Plant Your Day is formulated with organic pumpkin protein, supergreens, superfoods, superfruits, supercharged antioxidants, time-tested herbs, prebiotics and probiotics, fiber and Clean Clinical Vitamins. This power-packed plant-based vegan powder is optimal for the gut health. It awakens your senses and revitalizes your body for perfect start of the day with chocolate and vanilla flavour!

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How to use Hush & Hush Plant Your Day:

in a blender, mix one serving of powder with 200 ml of chilled almond milk, organic milk or water. Or, mix one serving of the product into your smoothie or coffee. It is even suitable for baking!

With sweeteners, protein, vitamins, monerals, plant extracts and lactobasilli.

402 g

Can be combine with other Dietary Supplements