Aromama Moisturising aloe vera and levander gel Summer Rescue


Without a doubt, Aromama Moisturising aloe vera and levander gel Summer Rescue is an absolute summer hit, and an essential companion during summer holidays! Aloevera gel is well known as a universal moisturiser for skin and hair. The base of the gel is water and aloevera extract–thanks to its magical formula these ingredients are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and generously moisture it. Aloe vera and lavender essential oil is a combination that perfectly soothes sun-kissed skin, restores its moisture, and regenerates.

Moisturising aloevera and lavender gel Summer Rescue has many ways of use: pamper your hair with the mask after being exposed to salty seawater; use it as a moisturising facial or body cream, have a relaxing foot massage with it after a long walk or hike. The gel amazingly relieves itchy skin when bitten by an insect.

Summer Rescue is a must-have in your summer first aid kit!

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50 ml

How to use it:

gently massage a small amount of gel into dry, clean skin in a circular motion. Let the skin absorb it. Avoid contact with eyes.

Dermatologically and microbiologically tested