Room spray Clean Air Genius

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Aromatherapy Room Spray Clean Air Genius is unforgettable, refreshing, sparkling aromatic blend, which all the viruses and bacteria won’t like at all!

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The composition of organic tea tree, radiant eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils perfectly cleans the air from pathogenic microflora, prevents the spread of infection, eases breathing, stimulates immune system and relaxes your mind! Clean Air Genius was created specifically for the cold season, when the cold and flu is trying to get its way!

If you think, it is not trendy to be ill, then call out for help, and get the Clean Air Genius. Aromatherapy room spray Virus Killer Genius is suitable to use next to the whole family, and nursing mums.

Please note–do not use next to younger babies than 6 months old. It is safe to use while pregnant, although within moderation.

How to use Room spray Clean Air Genius:

spray the room every couple of hours (5-7 sprays for a standard room) when you have a cold and flu. For prevention and daily use, it is enough to use it twice a day. Shake before using.

100 ml