Aromama Oil blend for baby teething Tooth Fairy


Gentle Tooth Fairy relieves teething ache (baby teething and adult teeth eruption). Since the olden days, it is well known that chamomile is used as a natural remedy for pain and inflammation. This is exactly what teething baby needs: to reduce gum inflammation and to have good sleep. The base of the blend itself is sweet almond oil, which nourishes and softens sensitive baby skin.

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How to use Oil blend for baby teething Tooth Fairy:

massage few drops of the oil blend into the baby's cheeks, neck, behind the ears and chin. For best results, we recommend to use it every 2 hours.

Little tip! Oil is best absorbed when the skin is slightly damp, if possible, wash baby's face before applying Tooth Fairy. If at the time of applying oil, it is not convenient to have a quick wash, then it is a good idea to use wet wipes to clean saliva from baby's face (the amount of saliva is increased during teething period), because the oils blend mixed with saliva can cause heat type of rash.

Interesting note: since Tooth Fairy contains chamomile essential oil, which relieves pain and inflammation, this product can help to relief ear and throat pain. Massage neck, throat or the entire outer ear area every couple of hours with the oil blend. In addition, Tooth Fairy can help to reduce bloating, bellyache, muscle pain, joint pain and so on. Moreover, is only because of the amazing chamomile!

Tooth fairy is suitable to use from birth. Feel free to use it as soon as the first signs of teething show up. There is no difference if a baby is 3 or 6 months old (or even older!).

Oil blend concentration – 1%.

20 ml