Aromama Bedroom and Bedding Spray Mr. Sleep


Aromama Bedroom and Bedding Spray Mr. Sleep is a light, but rich, full of goodness bedroom and pillow spray Mr. Sleep will help to bring the sweetest dreams to your baby’s bedroom!

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Mr. Sleep works in two different ways: lavender and marjoram leaf essential oils sooth and relax, improve the sleep, while pine and rosaline essential oils give a balance to nervous system and emotions, ease breathing, and cleanse the air! Suitable to use from birth. Use it for daily bedtime rituals or temporary when a baby/kid has growth spurts, teething, fatigue or stress. Thanks to antibacterial, air-purifying rosaline and pine essential oils, you can use Mr. Sleep when your baby has a cold, or develops a runny nose: the spray cleanses air from pathogenic microflora and helps with blocked little noses.

How to use Aromama Bedroom and Bedding Spray Mr. Sleep:

spray the whole bedroom or directly on bed linen and pillows. Shake well before using. Little tip, from mum to mum: tell children that Mr. Sleep contains magical sleep dusts that will bring them to the colourful dreams. More over, for those who are afraid to sleep alone, say that Mr. Sleep wil lscare all the monsters away! Allow children to spray the room, bedding, under the bed, anywhere they want to so they can watch how micro water dusts fall. After these spells, children will definitely have a wonderful and peaceful sleep.

100 ml