Aromama Pure hydrosol Levander Flower Water


Pure hydrosol Levander Flower Water has similar properties to pure essential oil, except therapeutic properties are not expressed as strongly as in pure essential oil.

By the way, the fragrance of lavender flower water is quite different from essential oil itself, which shouldn’t be surprising, especially when it comes to lavender. Since flower water has mild scent, and very low concentration it is ideal for skin care, especially for the smallest and most sensitive members of the family. Lavender flower water can be used for babies from birth and the whole family. It is safe to use during pregnancy and nursing. There is no such thing that lavender floral water wouldn’t soothe. It is the gentlest, child friendly aromatherapy product on the Earth.

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50 ml

Pure hydrosol Levander Flower Water is made from essential oil distillation. Sometimes, lavender flower water is called a homeopathic remedy, because the concentration is extremely low. A litre of floral water contains only 0.02g of water-soluble essential oil!

How to use Pure hydrosol Levander Flower Water:
Spray it on any kind of skin irritation, redness, rashes and so on. Lavender flower water acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial agent. It also soothes skin, reduces redness and itching. Lavender flower water is especially good for baby's bottom care.
During hot summer days, lavender flower water protects baby's skin from heat rash. Spray it directly on the skin, where required. Lavender flower water is an amazing remedy for conjunctivitis: gently wipe eyes with cotton pad dipped in lavender flower water several times a day. Suitable for both: during the first months when a tear gland becomes blocked, or something got in the eye.
Lavender flower water is a great remedy for bug bites for infants, as they can't have stronger pain relief remedies. Lavender flower water is super gentle, yet effective. Spray it on both, the skin and clothes to keep mosquitos away. To intensify the effect, apply few droplets of pure lavender essential oil on a buggy, cloth, or a soft toy.
Lavender flower water is one of the must haves when travelling by car: when your baby get shot, irritated, spray him with lavender flower water. It will magically refresh and prevent from heat rash. Always carry a bottle of lavender flower water when travelling outdoors with your baby during summer season. It gently disinfects, relieves pain, regenerates skin and it is a great first aid for any kind of baby pains and aches.
Make sure to have a bottle of this floral water spray in your holiday suitcase! It soothes and cools your sun-touched skin. Make sure to spray as often as you can, as the concentration is low.
Lavender flower water is a great, natural face tonic. Spray directly on face before applying your daily serum, oil or cream. Lavender soothes, cools, refreshes the skin, reduces minor blemishes.
Pure hydrosol Levander Flower Water effectively soothes skin after depilation or shaving, suitable for both women and men.
After natural childbirth, lavender flower water helps to reduce pain, itchiness, promotes healing. Spray your private parts several times a day allowing drying naturally.
Last but not least-lavender flower water can be used as a natural perfume for small girls that want to have a perfume and are too young for it yet .
Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.