Heat Diffuser Stonelia Square


Use Heat Diffuser Stonelia Square to create an atmosphere by perfuming your room, this product slowly, effectively and silently diffuses fragrances into the air.

This diffusion is accompanied by a gentle light that’s both soft and warm. Its shape and sober colours will blend in with a wide range of interior designs.

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This Diffuser produces no noise for optimal result.

Made of noble, natural materials, this wood and porcelain diffuser is as refined in its outline as in its use.

It can also be used to heat massage oils prior to use.

The integrated heating element heats up slightly, causing the gentle diffusion of the essential oils. This process does not degrade the quality of the essential oils.

How to use Heat Diffuser Stonelia Square:

Pour a few drops of essential oil onto the thermoregulated ceramic base.

Connect the power adapter to the diffuser.

Touch the logo on the wooden base with your finger, and the diffusion and soft lighting is activated.

It will turn off automatically after 30 minutes of diffusion, or press for a few seconds to turn it off manually. For more detail watch the video lhere


Unplug the Heat Diffuser Stonelia Square; you can clean it using a cloth impregnated with diffuser cleaner to remove excess essential oils while still warm for easy cleaning.

As part of our eco-friendly approach, we have developed a cleaner that is recyclable. After use, you can recover the cleaning liquid mixed with essential oils to put back in the original bottle. Even with essential oils in the cleaner, it retains its full effectiveness.


Do not use in the presence of children under 3 years or pregnant women.