Ventilia Ventilation Diffuser


Ventilia Ventilation Diffuser uses cold ventilation by its cold air mode of diffusion withour the use of heat. The aromatic molecules preserve their purity.

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The fan propels of Ventilia Ventilation Diffuser puff of air that diffuses the essential oils as it lights up with a variety of colours. Thanks to this interchangeable colour variation, you can choose your own lighting colour to create an atmosphere to your liking!

Simple and effective with its 3 power levels (silent, normal, air turbo), the Ventilia essential oil diffuser diffuses your essential oils while preserving their beneficial properties, filtering the air input before venting out the fragrance. The Ventilia automatically shuts down after 30 minutes so as not to saturate the air.

The Ventilia ventilation diffuser is a real decorative object. It will delight both beginners who want to use essential oils as a natural deodorant, and more experienced aromatherapy exponents.

How does Ventilia Ventilation Diffuser operate

Diffusion by ventilation or diffusion by forced air is a cold diffusion technique. This technique retains all the benefits of your essential oils.

Ventilation emits a breath of air that propels the essential oil microparticles into the air. The fan built into the diffuser projects air through the pad soaked with essential oils.

With this technique, the essential oil is instantly spread throughout the room.


  • Functions: 3 ventilation modes: silent, normal, air turbo
  • Lighting ambiance: multicoloured
  • Diffusion time: 30min diffusion cycle
  • Power: 12V /300 mA


Replace the diffusion capture or input filter when they become too worn or when changing your essential oil/

Do not disassemble the device or clean it with liquid. Should the essential oils overflow, immediately wipe off the excess so as not to damage the product.

When not using your diffuser for more than two weeks, remember to put it in a dust-free place and have it cleaned later.

As part of eco-friendly approach, it is developed a cleaner that is recyclable. After use, you can recover the cleaning liquid mixed with essential oils to put back in the original bottle. Even with essential oils in the cleaner, it retains its full effectiveness.


Do not activate the diffuser in the presence of children under 3 years or pregnant women. In a child's room, it is recommend that you do it when they are not there, and at least 30 minutes before they come in.

Check out a video of how to use Ventilia